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Vasectomy Reversals

Cost of the Procedure:

Dr. Vaught's charge for vasectomy reversal is $3700.00. This covers all costs including the initial consultation fee, procedure, and all follow-up semen analyses done in our office. If you live in the surrounding area a consultation prior to the procedure date would be recommended. Patients that live in the upstate or in another state can schedule the consultation and procedure on the same day. When the procedure is scheduled a $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required. There will be a $50.00 fee for rescheduling and the remainder of the balance is due on the day of the surgery if paying by cash or credit card. We will mail you a letter with instructions for the procedure date along with the prescriptions to have filled before the procedure.

Procedure Information:

Vasectomy reversals take approximately 1½ - 2 hours and are typically scheduled on Fridays so that our patients will have the weekend to rest (some exceptions are made for Wednesdays). There should be no strenuous activity for approximately two weeks and no sexual activity for three weeks after the procedure. We would like to check a semen specimen in approximately 8 weeks after the procedure is completed.

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